Shoe List 2024-2025

All female dancers will need Jazzy Tan Stockings for recital

Ages 2-4 Ballet/Tap Classes

Pink Ballet Shoes and Tan Tap Shoes Style TA35 

Ages 4-6 Ballet/Jazz/Tap Classes

Tan Slip On Jazz Shoe Style# JZ43 and Tan Mary Jane Tap Shoe Style #302

Ages 7 & Up Ballet/Jazz/Tap Classes

Tan Turning Shoe Style #621 Black Tap #0388 or version that looks similar.

All Hip Hop Classes:

Any kind of sneaker for now. Once Costumes are chosen you will be notified what type of sneaker to get. If it is raining or snowing outside PLEASE bring a change of shoes. Wet shoes are NOT permitted on the dance floor.

All Acro: Barefoot & Stirrup Stockings